2018 Regional Ocean Governance

The Regional Ocean Governance will be organized on November 17-18 in Qingdao, PR China

  • Program
16 November (Friday)
Arrival and registration for participants,

Venue: Lobby of Expo Plaza Hotel

17:30~ Dinner (venue to be determined by YSLME PMO)
17 November (Saturday)
8:30~9:00 Registration for participants

Venue: Lobby of the Expo Plaza Hotel

Opening session



Venue: Expo Plaza Hotel’s B1 conference room

Moderator: Professor Xu Xiangmin (Director of Marine Environment and Natural Resources Law Committee of Environment & Natural Resources Law Association, China Law Society)

Opening Remarks

·         Dr. Xiangmin XU, Director of Marine Environment & Resources Law Committee of the Environment & Natural Resources Law Association, China Law Society

Congratulatory Remarks

·         Mr. Yinfeng GUO, Chief Technical Adviser, Project Management Office of the YSLME Phase II Project

·         Dr. Suh-yong CHUNG, Professor, Center for Global Climate and Marine Governance of Korea University

Welcoming speech

·         Vice President of Ocean University of China, PR China

·         Dr. Tianbao QIN, Deputy Director of the environment & natural resources law association of China law society and Vice dean of law school of Wuhan University

09:30~10:00 Photo Session and Coffee Break
10:00~12:00 Keynote Speech

Moderator: Mr. Yong ZHAI, National People’s Congress

·             Advancing the Science-based Ecosystem Approach to the Governance of the YSLME

–    Dr. Kenneth SHERMAN, Director of NOAA Large Marine Ecosystem Program, USA

·             Practices and Opportunities on Integrated Coastal Management – from the Aspects of Resources and Environment

–    Dr. Zhifeng ZHANG, National Marine Environment Monitoring Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, PRC

·            Capacity about Ocean Governance in Northeast Asia

–  Dr. Suh-Yong CHUNG, Korea University, ROK

·             Existing Regional Marine Environmental Problems Require Appropriate Regional Governance – Experience from the 1st Phase of the YSLME Project

–    Mr. Yihang JIANG, the Manager of YSLME Phase I, PR China

Panel Discussion

·             Panelist: Kenneth SHERMAN, Zhifeng ZHANG, Suh-Yong CHUNG, Yihang JIANG, Cunpeng LI, Fengyou CUI, Tianbao QIN

12:00~13:30 Lunch Break (Cafeteria on the 2nd floor of Expo Plaza Hotel)
13:30~15:30 Session 1:  Theories and Practices of Regional Ocean Governance in YSLME

Session Moderator: Prof. Suh-Yong CHUNG, Korea University, ROK

1.       Institutional, Policy and Financing Framework of the YSLME Commission – the Experiences of the UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project

–    Mr. Yinfeng GUO, CTA/Manager, YSLME Phase II Project

2.      Legal issues concerning the establishment of the YSLME Commission

–    Dr. Hee-Seok SHIN, Adjunct Research Fellow of Korea University, RO Korea

3.      Development of Legislation on Regional Ocean Governance in the World and its implications for the YSLME

–    Dr. Ming YU, associate professor of law school of Ocean University of China, PR China

4.      Marine Environment and Governance Transformation

–    Dr. Quan WEN, Research Professor, National Marine Environment Monitoring Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, PRC

Panel Discussion

Panelists: Yinfeng GUO, Hee-Seok SHIN, Ming YU, Quan WEN, Xiaodong TOU, Zhaohui ZHANG, Xiren JIANG

15:30~16:00 Coffee Break


Session 2:  Experiences in Regional Ocean Governance in Other Regions

Session Moderator:

5.       Arctic Ocean Governance and Lessons learned for YSLME Governance

–          Dr. Kai SUN, professor, School of International Affairs and Public Administration/Ocean Development and Research Institute, Ocean University of China

6.       Regional Marine Environment Protection Cooperation and its Implication on the South China Sea

–    Dr. Wang Xiuwei, professor of Law school, Hainan University, PR China

7.       Marine Spatial Planning in Australia

–    Dr. Daud Hassan, Professor of Law School of Western Sydney University, Australia

8.      Research on the Marine Dumping Licensing system in China, Japan and Korea

–    Dr. Huaqing GE, Professor of Nanjing University of Information Engineering, PR China

Q&A and Discussion

18:00~ Dinner (Table meals)
18 November (Sunday)


Session 3: Ways to Better Develop and Implement National Laws and Regulations for Effective Implementation of Regional Laws and Regulations

Session Moderator: TBD

9.      Application of Ecosystem-based Approach in Marine Environmental Law

–    Dr. Gong GU, Professor of Law school of Zhejiang University, PRC

10.   Top-level Design of Marine Ecological Civilization System

–    Dr. Cai Xianfeng, Professor of Law school, Ningbo University, PR China

11.   Mechanism on Small and Micro Units Marine Governance: Exploration Based on Bay-Chief System

–    Dr. Yongbo QUAN, Professor of Ocean University of Zhejiang, PR China

12.   Studies on Legal Issues of Marine Disaster Prevention

–    Dr. Yingjie MA, Professor of Ocean University of China, PR China

Q&A and Discussion

10:30~10:50 Coffee Break
10:50~11:50 Session 4: Other Issues in Improving Ocean Governance in the Yellow Sea

Session Moderator:

13.   Some thoughts on the public interest litigation of Marine environment

–    Mr. Yong MA, Foundation of Green Development, PR China

14.   Review of the pre-litigation process mechanism of environmental public interest litigation

–    Dr. Chao LIU, Professor of Law School, Huaqiao University, PR China

15.   Ecosystem Compensation System between River and Sea

–    Dr. Hong MEI, Professor of Law School, Ocean University of China, PR China

Q&A and Discussion

11:50~12:20 Closing Remarks

Moderator: Dr. Qiyun TIAN, Professor of Ocean University of China, PR China

Closing remarks:  Dr. Xiangmin XU, PR China

12:20~13:50 Lunch Break (Cafeteria on the ground floor of Expo Plaza Hotel)
14:00~18:00 Field Trip Visit to Qingdao Planning Museum (optional)
18:00~ Dinner (Table meals)
19 November (Monday)
8:00~12:00 Departure


Program & List of Participants



Nov 16 2018 - Nov 19 2018


All Day