3rd YSLME Science Conference


The 3rd YSLME Science Conference is the biggest gathering of stakeholders for this year in support of Yellow Sea conservation and sustainability. The Conference will run from July 15-19, 2019 at Qingdao, PR China. The Conference will showcase a Plenary Session, 4 Parallel Events focusing on Fisheries, Biodiversity, Marine Litter and Microplastics, and Nutrients in YSLME. An Ad Hoc Meeting of the YSLME Interim Commission Council will also be conducted during the event. The culminating activity will be the Workshop on YSLME Strategic Action Program (SAP) Update which will include inputs coming from the Science Conference.


To know more about the 3rd YSLME Science Conference and related events, click the followings to access the overall program, individual event programs and schedule.

a. Overall Program

b. Parallel Event 1: Fisheries

c. Parallel Event 2: Biodiversity

d. Parallel Event 3: Marine Litter and Microplastics

e. Parallel Event 4: Nutrients

f. Ad Hoc ICC Meeting and YSLME SAP Update Workshop

g. Plenary Session

h. Event Schedule At-A-Glance


To know more about the 3rd YSLME Science Conference program files, click the followings to access program PPTs and abstracts.

Parallel Event 2: Biodiversity

2.1. Dr. ZHAO (PPT & Abstracts)  Mr. MELVILLE (PPT & Abstracts

Dr. LI (PPT & Abstracts)  Dr. LAMBERTS (PPT & Abstracts) 

Dr. YOSHIDA (PPT & AbstractsMr. GLEMET (PPT & Abstracts) 

Dr. FU (PPT & Abstracts)

2.2. Dr. ZHANG (PPT & Abstracts)  Dr. SHIN (PPT & Abstracts)

2.3. Dr. ZHANG (PPT & Abstracts)  Dr. KIM (PPT & Abstracts

Dr. YU (PPT & Abstracts)  Mr. LU (PPT & Abstracts

Dr. LU (PPT & Abstracts)

2.4. Dr. LI (PPT & Abstracts)  Dr. KWON (PPT & Abstracts

Dr. PARK (PPT & Abstracts Dr. PARK (PPT & Abstracts)

2.5. Dr. ZHANG (PPT & Abstracts)  Dr. CHOI (PPT & Abstracts) 

Dr. KANG (PPT & AbstractsDr. PLATHONG (PPT & Abstracts

Dr. LEE (PPT & Abstracts)

2.6. Ms. JANG (PPT & Abstracts)  Ms. YANG (PPT & Abstracts) 

Dr. KIM (PPT & AbstractsDr. WANG (PPT & Abstracts)  

Parallel Event 3: Marine Litter and Microplastics

3.1. Mr. SHIM (PPT& Abstracts)  Ms. WANG (PPT& Abstracts)

3.2. Mr. PARK (PPT& Abstracts)  Mr. JU (PPT& Abstracts

Mr. YOU(PPT& Abstracts)

3.3. Ms. HONG (PPT& Abstracts)  Ms. SUN (PPT& Abstracts) 

3.4. Mr. YOON (PPT& Abstracts)  Mr. XIAO (PPT& Abstracts) 

Mr. CHU (PPT& Abstracts)  Ms. CHEN (PPT& Abstracts)

3.5. Mr. LIU (PPT& Abstracts)  Mr. Maruf (PPT & Abstracts

Mr. ZHU (PPT & Abstracts)

Parallel Event 4: Nutrients

4.0. Ms. NDEGWA (PPT & Abstracts)  Ms. LEE (PPT & Abstracts

4.1. Mr. WANG (PPT & Abstracts)  Dr. CHO (PPT & Abstracts

Mr. CHOI (PPT & AbstractsMs. YU (PPT & Abstracts

Mr. KIM (PPT& Abstracts)

4.2. Dr. WANG (PPT & Abstracts)  Dr. WEI (PPT & Abstracts)

4.3. Mr. LIAO (PPT & Abstracts)  Ms. SHIM (PPT & Abstracts)

Mr. LIN (PPT & AbstractsMr. CONSTANTINESCU (PPT & Abstracts)

Plenary Session

Keynote 1. Prof. GREMILLION

Keynote 2. Dr. NAM

Keynote 3. Dr. ZHANG

To know more about the 3rd YSLME Science Conference and related news, click the followings to access news.

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YSLME – Information Bulletin on Logistics


Jul 15 - 19 2019


Qingdao, China