YSLME Call for Proposals: Grant Support



Specific Objectives

YSLME Phase II Project launches the Yellow Sea Grant Program aiming to:

  1. support eligible non-for-profit social welfare organizations, fisheries associations and societies, research institutes, colleges and universities to achieve enhanced awareness and on-the-ground impact of local actions to contribute to restoring the carrying capacity of ecosystem provisioning, regulatory, supporting and recreational services of the Yellow Sea;
  2. develop the resource mobilization, organizational development and management capacity of non-for-profit social welfare organizations; and
  3. through the YSLME platform, improve the overall capacity of the society for region-wide ecosystem-based management.

Geographical coverage of supported activities

The Yellow Sea Grant Program primarily support to activities in Dalian and Dandong of Liaoning province, Weihai of Shandong province, and Lianyungang and Nantong of Jiangsu province of PR China to synergize for coherent and bigger impact of a series of demonstration activities. For details of government-supported and other project -supported activities, please refer to profiles of the demonstration sites in the Annex III entitled “profiles of demonstration sites in UNDP/GEF Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Phase II Project”.

Activities to be conducted in areas beyond demonstration or beyond project boundary in PR China can also be supported if such activities can contribute to building and strengthening the ecological connectivity with demonstration areas, or such activities involve production of awareness raising materials, education materials and communication products. For example, activities to reduce threats to populations of spotted seals in Panjin and Dalian of Bohai Bay can be supported due to the migration nature of the species in Yellow Sea even if Panjin is outside of the project boundary. Likewise, activities to reduce threats to or monitoring of migratory populations of flagship species of YSLME such as spoon-billed sandpiper or black-faced spoonbills in areas outside the demonstration or even project boundary in PR China can also be supported.

Grant support scope, priority activities and indicative performance indicators

According to objectives and work requirements of YSLME Phase II Project, the Yellow Sea Grant Program will support activities falling under one or more of the priority activities of one or more of the six scopes below in line with the results framework on page 44-49 of the UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project Document:

  1. Promote regional cooperation to achieve a sustainable cooperative mechanism for ecosystem-based management of the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem
  2. Protect coastal wetlands and coastal habitats for rare birds, spotted seal (Phoca largha) and spawning and nursery grounds of economic fish species
  3. Reduce marine litter and microplastics
  4. Recover depleted fish stocks, improve mari-culture, promote integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, and improve the quality and income of aquaculture practionners
  5. Support sustainable livelihood and reemployment projects for fishermen joining the fishing vessel buy-back scheme
  6. Through strengthening the public education and project publicity, promote and expand YSLME project results, and play a positive role in conservation for yellow sea large marine ecosystem in a larger scope and more long time

Grant Scale 

A single project can be granted in the amount of at least US $30,000 with a maximum of US $100,000.

Grant Cycle 

The program can support projects that will last for at least six months or longer depending the design and complexity in implementation but must be completed by November 30, 2019.

Grant Management

Funds for the grant program are from UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project and will be managed by UNOPS with support of Project Management Office based in Incheon, RO Korea.

Eligibility of applicant

To be eligible for award of grant under the Yellow Sea Grant Program, the applicant must be:

 1. An organization of any of the following types that can legally operate in mainland PR China:

  • Non-profit social welfare organizations (NGOs)
  • research institutes
  • colleges and universities
  • fisheries industry associations or societies

 2. With track record of environmental education, awareness raising, networking of volunteers or in reduction or removal of threats to coastal and marine environment, research and studies in marine environment; and

 3. Financially robust and without deficit at the end fiscal year 2018 supported by a balance sheet, or financial statement or latest audit results.

Submission and review

How to submit?

Fill out the Expression of Interest form, prepare the Grantee Application Form using the attached template, attach necessary supporting documents (including a balance sheet, or financial statement or latest audit results, and documentation to demonstrate your organization can legally operate and conduct the proposed activities in PR China, business licenses, etc) and send by email to the designated account.

When to submit?

Deadline: by 23:59, Copenhagen, Denmark Time on February 1, 2019

Where to submit?

All application materials should be submitted in pdf format to the email address of

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Weijia CHEN via email <> or by phone, or visit PMO. The contacts of YSLME PMO are as follows:
Office Address: 5th floor, G-Tower, 175 Art center-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 22004, Republic of Korea
Tel: +82 (0)70 4161 2241
Fax: +82 (0)70 9157 4898