YSLME MPA Networking Workshop

The workshop aims to 1) familiarize with the theories and principles of MPA networking through biophysical connectivity, 2) review the progress of implementation of PCAs with the NMEMC, FIO and YSFRI; and 3) build on the results and recommendations and follow-up actions suggested at the MPA training workshop. The results and recommendations arising from the sessions will contribute to the establishment of the YSLME MPA network. Programs of the YSLME MPA Networking Workshop are as follows.



Participant List

Information bulletin on Logistics

YSLME MPA Network Design Toolkit



Programme of the YSLME MPA Networking Workshop, 14-16 January 2020, Dalian, PR China

13 January (Monday)
Arrival and registration for participants

Venue: Kempinski Hotel Dalian

14 January (Tuesday)
08:00~09:00 Registration for participants


Introduction of Sessions

·        Project Management Office of the YSLME Phase II Project (Yinfeng GUO, PMO)

09:30~10:00 Photo Session and Coffee Break
10:00~12:00 Session 1:  MPA Training Tool Kit

·        Principles, criteria, process and steps towards establishing YSLME MPA Network (Sangjin LEE, PMO)

·         Q&A and Discussion

12:00~13:30 Lunch Break
13:30~16:00 Session 2: MPA Management and Conservation

·        PCA implementation progress by NMEMC (Guoxiang LIAO, PR China)

·        PCA implementation progress by FIO (Linlin ZHAO, PR China)

·        Gaps in protection of migratory birds with global significance (Kelin CHEN, PR China)

·         Q&A and Discussion

16:00~16:30 Coffee Break
16:30~18:00 Session 2: MPA Management and Conservation (Continued)

·        Status of MPA and relevant law & policy in RO Korea (Sunyoung CHAE, RO Korea)

·        Local government’s efforts for MPA conservation (Gyeong Nam KO, RO Korea)

·        Your tables can save tidal flats (Joon KIM, RO Korea)

·        Building a network of MPA education centers (Ji-Young JANG, RO Korea)

·         Q&A and Discussion

18:30~20:00 Dinner reception
15 January (Wednesday)
09:00~11:00 Session 3: Spotted Seals

·        Status of scientific research on spotted seal in PR China (Zhichuang LU, PR China)

·        Status of scientific research on spotted seal in RO Korea (Gyung Soo PARK, RO Korea)

·        Post-2020 biodiversity framework and global economic civilization – the Spotted Seal as an indicator to analyze the conservation of marine migration specifications (Jinfeng ZHOU, PR China)

·        Efforts to increase local community awareness for conservation of spotted seals in Baekryung island (Jeong Woon PARK, RO Korea)

·         Q&A and Discussion

11:00~11:30 Coffee Break
11:30~12:30 Session 4: Birds (Spoon-Billed Sandpiper)

·          Status of scientific research on SBS in PR China & Discovery of an important stopover site for Asian Dowitchers (Limnodromus semipalmatus) along China’s Yellow Sea (Jing LI,PR China)

·        Conservation and management of Spoon-Billed Sandpiper in Seocheon, Ro Korea (On Sook LEE, RO Korea)

·          Conservation and management of Spoon-Billed Sandpiper in Seocheon, Ro Korea (Eok Su KIM, RO Korea)

·          Efforts to increase public awareness for sustainable Ganghwa Island (Sang Kyung YEO, RO Korea)

·          Saving the SBS Project (Yifei JIA, PR China)

·          Q&A and Discussion

12:30~14:00 Lunch Break
14:00~16:30 Session 5: Enhancing connectivity between existing MPAs and potential MPAs

This session will discuss on MPA connectivity and good practices of MPA network to be carried out, together with presentations on assessment of current network by invited experts from each country. Ways of developing specific actions to implement the plan for MPA networking will be also touched.  In addition, opportunities for improvements in connectivity with existing and new MPAs are expected to be identified. (Zhaohui ZHANG, PR China)

·         Roadmaps for MPA Network for the three species

·         Other priorities in ecosystems and areas in YSLME MPA Network

·         To share the perspectives of EAAFP in relation to a YSLME MPA network  (Doug WATKINS, EAAFP)

·         Q&A and Discussion

16:30~17:00 Coffee Break
17:00~18:00 Session 6: Work planning for next steps

This session will discuss the priority steps and actions in establishing the YSLME MPA network, and agree on coordinating agencies and events to be organized. Summary report on the training workshop will be used as a reference in discussing future directions to be taken by the YSLME for initial inclusion in the MPA network. (Gyung Soo Park, RO Korea, Chair of RWG-H)

18:30~ Dinner
16 January (Thursday)
09:00~ Field trip (Dalian Shengya Aquarium)







Jan 16 - 17 2020


8:00 am