Training on fish stock assessment

The YSLME Phase II Project conducted a two-day training on fish stock assessment late July 2018 in RO Korea.

The training was facilitated by the Project Management Office and Dr. LIsha Guan from the Yellow Sea Fisheries Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (YSFRI/CAFS).

Methodologies of stock assessemnt were introduced, and experiences shared for the assessment of the Small Yellow Croaker and the Swimming Crab, which is under the total catch control by both RO Korea and PR China.

The two countries are currently using nationally adopted protocols and procedures for assessing fish stocks. In October 2017, during the first meeting of the Regional Working Group on Fish Stock, working group members of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China agreed to adopt fish stock assessment methodologies prepared by YSFRI/CAFS.

The training on fish stock assessment of the two species is expected to enable subsequent assessment and comparison of data in preparation for the upcoming second meeting of the regional working groups in September 2018 in Korea.

The YSLME Phase II Project seeks to recover depleted fish stocks by reducing fishing efforts, implementing the fishing vessel buy-back scheme, reducing fish landings, extending fishing closure in time and in area, controlling fish mesh size to restocking fish population through marine ranching, artificial reef, transplantation of macroalgae, and co-financing projects of China and Korea.

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