The National Co-ordinator (NC) is appointed by the Inter-Ministry Co-ordinating Committee (IMCC) and serves as the primary national contact point for the Regional Working Groups (RWGs) and Secretariat.

Role of the NC
  • Serve as Secretary to the IMCC, assisting the National Operational Focal Point in organising IMCC meetings;
  • Assist the IMCC to review and co-ordinate national activities under the NSAP implementation, secure technical and financial resources necessary to implement the national activities, and monitor the progress of the activities to ensure the quality of outputs;
  • Compile a register of national management, scientific and technical experts in maritime affairs for consideration by the IMMC as nominated members of the Management Advisory Roster;
  • Recommend appropriate national experts from the Management Advisory Roster as NWG members to the IMMC;
  • Co-ordinate the national activities among the NWGs under the direction of the IMCC;
  • Report to the Management, Science and Technical Panel (MSTP) on behalf of the IMCC on the progress of national activities;
  • Serve as a member of the MSTP, contributing to the regional co-ordination, the provision of guidance to the RWGs, and the preparation of regional work plans and budgets;
  • Liaise closely with the Secretariat, supporting it on matters regarding SAP/NSAP implementation;
  • Assist the IMCC to facilitate the participation of the private sector and NGOs in SAP/NSAP implementation and to disseminate the findings and results of the implementation to broad audiences; and
  • Such other tasks as the IMCC shall from time to time decide.

Mr. Fengkui LIANG, National Co-ordinator, PR China

Dr. Jaeryoung OH, National Co-ordinator, RO Korea