The goal of the Regional Working Group on Habitats (RWG-H) is to provide guidance and co-ordination to improve the ecosystem carrying capacity (ECC) with respect to supporting services by conserving biological diversity and maintaining current areas of habitats.

  1. Develop regional conservation plan for biodiversity
  2. Develop regional guidelines for assessment of effectiveness of coastal and marine ecosystem restoration projects
  3. Maintain and improve the effectiveness of YSLME MPA Network
  4. Develop the capacity and public awareness of benefits of biodiversity conservation
  1. Regional biodiversity conservation plan
  2. regional guideline for assessment of coastal and marine ecosystem restoration projects
  3. Rationalized network of MPA in YSLME that integrate the principles of connectivity
  4. A training module on habitat-based and food-chain based approaches for conservation
  5. conduct of three YSLME MPA forums
  1. Coordinate the development and implementation of a regional biodiversity conservation plan to preserve habitats that include establishment of regional nature reserves/Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for coastal wetlands, endangered and vulnerable species and spawning and nursery ground of critical species. Conduct studies on the Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass (CWM) with regards to threats to biodiversity, identification of causes and areas of improvements and feasibility of taking management measures in coordination with RWG-A.
  2. Coordinate the update the TDA and SAP. Assist in identifying policies for management of estuarine and marine nurseries in both countries. Facilitate development and implementation of regional policies and legal measures. Provide advice on drafting of proposals for improved habitat quality legislation and regulation.
  3. Coordinate the preparation of training modules of habitat-based and food-chain based approaches for conservation. Organize regional training workshops with assistance from the Secretariat. Facilitate the development of regional guidelines for assessment of coastal and marine ecosystem restoration projects, and provide advice on maintaining and strengthening a network of MPAs and on the control mechanisms of new coastal reclamation.
  4. Organize annual regional MPA forum as a longstanding platform for knowledge sharing and exchange among practionners and MPA managers for improved management effectiveness.
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