The Inter-Ministry Co-ordinating Committee (IMCC) co-ordinates national activities amongst relevant ministries and institutions to ensure smooth implementation of national efforts which keep in line with regional directions and objectives.

Role of the IMCC

The IMCC reviews work plans that National Working Groups (NWGs) prepare and provides them with guidance for improvement when necessary.

  • Prepare, on behalf of the government, national positions on policy issues for the Interim Commission Council to consider and present the positions to the Council through the IMCC chairperson;
  • Nominate regional environmental managers and science and technical experts for inclusion in the Management Advisory Roster;
  • Establish the NWGs with leading experts in the country in line with the requirements, focal areas, and activities of the RWGs;
  • Appoint the NC and the NWG chairpersons based on nominations by the GEF National Focal Agency (i.e., NFP) and the GEF National Implementing Agency;26
  • Review and co-ordinate national activities under the NSAP implementation, that the NWGs propose;
  • Provide the NWGs with guidance and suggestions to improve the national activities to meet national and regional environmental concerns and priorities;
  • Secure technical and financial resources necessary to implement the national and regional activities;
  • Monitor the progress of the national activities and ensure the quality of outputs;
  • Facilitate co-operation with relevant national organisations and projects to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the national activities;
  • Report to the MSTP through the NC on the progress of the national activities;
  • Facilitate the participation of the private sector and NGOs in SAP/NSAP implementation; and
  • Disseminate the findings and results of NSAP implementation to broad audiences, nationally, regionally, and internationally.
  • Government executive officials at the GEF National Focal Agency (i.e., GEF National Operational Focal Point [NFP]), the GEF National Implementing Agency, and all the other relevant ministries that have responsibilities in marine and coastal issues in the Yellow Sea
  • National Working Group (NWG) chairpersons
  • Representatives from private sector organisations actively engaged in NSAP implementation
  • Representatives of NGOs actively engaged in NSAP implementation

The IMCC chairperson serves as a member of the Council and the IMCC reports to the MSTP through the NC. The National Co-ordinator (NC) serves as a secretary to the IMCC.

Please refer to Architecture of the Interim YSLME Commission for more details.