No. Title Category Released Date
1 2nd Interim Commission Council Meeting News 28-Mar-18
2 Xiaoyangkou wetland considered a national marine protected area News 31-Mar-18
3 Law and policy seminar to promote regional ocean governance News 14-May-18
4 Training on fish stock assessment News 14-May-18
5 YSLME promotes IMTA in Shandong Province News 20-May-18
6 1st China-Korea workshop on harmful marine organisms News 5-Jun-18
7 Training on MPA Network Connectivity News 28-Jul-18
8 Field visit to China’s National MPA for Spotted Seals, Ant Island, Dalian, PR China, 29 March 2018 News 9-Nov-18
9 Improving the livelihoods of communities sharing the Yellow Sea News 20-Nov-18
10 YSLME Biodiversity Forum to be held in 2019 News 1-Dec-18
11 Marine Protected Areas as a Nature-based Solution for the Yellow Sea News 10-Dec-18
12 Open Call for Proposals: Yellow Sea Grant Programme News 8-Jan-19
13 YSLME holds the 3rd Meetings of the Management, Science and Technical (MSTP) and the Interim YSLME Commission Council (ICC) in Qingdao, China News 25-Mar-19
14 Registration Open for the 3rd Free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Marine Litter News 29-Apr-19
15 Human threaten 1 million species with extinction: UN report News 7-May-19
16 UNDP/GEF Yellow Sea Grant Program Launches Waste Reduction in Fisheries Communities in Weihai City of PR China News 21-May-19
17 Ad-hoc Meeting of Regional Working Group on Assessment and Monitoring Assessed Progress of Joint Jelly Fish and HAB Monitoring Programs in YSLME News 1-Jun-19
18 Sharing Experiences during Field Visit to Marine Ranches in Qingdao, PR China News 1-Jun-19
19 YSLME Special News Feature on 3rd Science Conference Series No.1 – YSLME Gears up for the 3rd Science Conference News 11-Jun-19
20 China-Korea Workshop on Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass in Yellow Sea News 13-Jun-19
21 Day 1 YSLME Science Conference Daily Report News 15-Jul-19
22 Day 2 YSLME Science Conference Daily Report News 16-Jul-19
23 Day 3 YSLME Science Conference Daily Report News 17-Jul-19
24 The Third YSLME Science Conference Opens in Qingdao, PR China News 17-Jul-19
25 The 1st ad hoc Meeting of the Interim Commission Council (ICC) News 17-Jul-19
26 Advancing Fishery Science and Technology at the 3rd YSLME Science Conference News 17-Jul-19
27 YSLME Biodiversity Forum – Charting the Biodiversity Conservation in the YSLME up to 2030 News 17-Jul-19
28 Workshop on YSLME Strategic Action Plan (SAP) Update News 19-Jul-19
29 YSLME Biodiversity Forum continues discussions on marine spatial planning and building constituency News 19-Jul-19
30 Day 4 and 5 YSLME Science Conference Daily Report News 19-Jul-19
31 Addressing the Challenges of Marine Litter and Microplastics in the YSLME News 29-Jul-19
32 Nutrient Management in YSLME at the 3rd YSLME Science Conference News 28-Jul-19
33 GEF LME: LEARN opens online courses News 5-Aug-19
34 Chinese fishery experts visit marine ranching sites in RO Korea News 24-Oct-19
35 Reducing Marine Litter in the Coastal Cities of the Yellow Sea through Chinese and Korean NGOs and UNOPS News 24-Oct-19
36 UNDP/GEF YSLME Publishes Training Module for Marine Microplastics Monitoring News 28-Oct-19
37 YSLME Supports Application of ASC Standards for Flatfish, Bivalves and Abalones to Mariculture Enterprises in Chinese Provinces Bordering the Yellow Sea News 29-Oct-19
38 CAPPMA Launched YSLME Responsible Mariculture Initiative in Qingdao News 31-Oct-19
39 UNDP/GEF Supports Reemployment Training of Fishermen Joining the Fishing Vessel Buyback Scheme to Reduce Fishing Efforts in Yellow Sea News 13-Nov-19
40 YSLME Releases the Marine Protected Area Network Development Training Toolkit News 14-Nov-19
41 The 4th YSLME Partners Meeting Agreed on Timetable to Adopt the Updated YSLME Strategic Action Programme News 1-Dec-19
42 LME:LEARN Organized Asian Regional LMEs Workshop in Bali to Improve Data and Information Management News 5-Dec-19
43 YSLME Partners Discussed Solutions to Prevent and Control Marine Litter in Weihai News 26-Dec-19
44 Asking for comments: Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem 2020 News 7-Mar-20
45 A New Wetland Park in Yancheng City of China Gives Hope to the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper News 6-Apr-20
47 Birds Connect Our World: Promoting Wetland Protection to Save Spoon-billed Sandpipers in the Yellow Sea Region News 8-May-20
48 YSLME Spoon-billed sandpipers info vid Korean, Chinese, and English Video 8-May-20