The Interim YSLME Commission Council Secretariat provides administrative support and regional co-ordination amongst the bodies of the YSLME Commission: the Interim Commission Council (ICC) the Management, Science and Technical Panel (MSTP); Regional Working Groups (RWGs); and National Co-ordinators (NCs).

Role of the Secretariat
  • Organise meetings of the Interim YSLME Commission Council and regional meetings of the subsidiary bodies as well as other activities relevant to the implementation of management actions of the SAP.
  • Report to the Council and the MSTP through the Project Manager.
  • Serve as Secretary to the meetings of the ICC, MSTP, and RWGs, liaise with, and provide administrative support to these bodies in the execution of their responsibilities;
  • Draft policy, managerial, and technical papers on SAP implementation in co-operation with the RWGs and NCs as part of the preparation for the Council and MSTP meetings;
  • Prepare and present activity implementation reports to the ICC and the MSTP through the Project Manager;
  • In close consultation with the NCs, the Secretariat appoints appropriate persons from the roster as expert members of each RWG. Appoint regional experts as RWG members from the Management Advisory Roster; The secretariat created a “Management Advisory Roster” being an open-ended database of regional environmental managers, scientists, and technical experts, nominated by the IMCCs in respective countries. Individuals from this pool may be called upon when needed to assist the Commission during SAP implementation, e.g., to serve as expert members for the various bodies of the Commission, or as short term consultants and advisors to the Secretariat.
  • Assist in organising all regional meetings, including those for the ICC, MSTP, and RWGs, as well as other regional co-ordination activities relevant to the implementation of the SAP.
  • Assist UNOPS in administering contracts for consulting services under SAP implementation;
  • Monitor the progress of all regional activities of the Interim YSLME Commission Council and other subsidiary bodies to ensure that activities are implemented in line with the strategic policy and management direction provided by the Council, and that high-quality outputs are secured on time and within budget;
  • Liaise closely with the NCs to ensure smooth implementation of national efforts in line with regional efforts and objectives;
  • Assist the Council and the MSTP in promoting the co-operation with relevant organisations, including the private sector and NGOs; and
  • Assist in disseminating the findings and results of SAP/NSAP implementation to broad audiences nationally, regionally and internationally.
Secretariat Staff

The Project Management Office (PMO), headed by the Project Manager, serves as the Commission Secretariat.

Please refer to Architecture Interim YSLME Commission for more details.