YSLME Information Series

Category Title of Report


Category Title of Report
TDA Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (2020)
SAP National Strategic Action Plan (NSAP) Review Reports by PR China and RO Korea

1. Interim Review Report on the Progress of Implementation of the National Strategic Action Programme for YSLME 2009-2020 of the People’s Republic of China

2. An Analytical Study on the Implementation of the National Strategic Action Plan (NSAP) for the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME) of the Republic of Korea

Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA)

Organization Title of Report
Yellow Sea Fisheries Institute (YSFRI)
Baseline reports of two demonstration sites on artificial reef, seaweed transplantation (habitat enhancement) and marine ranching
Scoping study report and key elements of GAP of IMTA
Baseline reports of three IMTA demonstration sites
Interim review report on progress of implementation of NSAP targets related with fish stocks and agriculture
YSLME Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries
YSLME Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries
Assessment report of effectiveness of license system and recommendations for improvement of licensing system (2018)
Seagrass transplanting report in application of improved techniques of replanting seagrass and macroalgae (2018)
Report of stock enhancement of two demonstration sites 1 & 2 (2018)
Joint assessment report of the effectiveness of closure (2018)
Joint assessment report of the effectiveness of buy-back scheme (2019)
Final draft of GAP of IMTA (2018)
Survey report of coastal areas suitable for operation of IMTA, and economic analysis of benefits from replication of IMTA across Shandong Province, PR China (2018)
Plan to promote IMTA in Shandong Province (2019)
Technical report of IMTA demonstration in two sites (2019)
Survey report with overlays to analyze gaps and conservation needs of critical nursery and spawning sites of priority fish species and make recommendations on new MPAs
A detailed training plan of 5 training sessions, including time, place, training content, etc.; and Submit training materials for each course
Full re-employment training report (2019)

Annex: Survey results on impact on reemployment during COVID-19 pandemic by Yanan CAO (2020, CN)

First Institute of Oceanography (FIO)
Stocktaking report of biological and ecological significance of YSCWM and existing and potential threats using ecological connectivity as key criteria (2019)
Stocktaking report for the relationships between the sea surface temperature changes of YSCWM and structure of plankton communities (2019)
The map of priority areas for designation as conservation areas in YS and identify opportunities for improvements in connectivity with existing and new MPAs (2019)
A zoning plan including coordination mechanism in line with the master plan of local land use and sea use (2019)
Two management plans including monitoring programs and capacity development program (2019)
Final report on implementation of CBD and RAMSAR with recommendations for integration of SDG14, CBD and RAMSAR targets into YSLME SAP (2019)
The feasibility report for designating YSCWM a new MPA (2019)
Report on vulnerability assessment of sea level rising for coastal communities (2019)
Report on impact assessment of sea ice distribution on coastal zone development and marine species (2019)
Report on impact assessment of sea level rising for wading birds (2019)
Adaptation plans for the target area based on identified climate impacts and their severity (2019)
Conservation and Management Planning of Spotted Seals (Phoca largha) in the Yellow Sea
Satellite tracking of Spotted Seals of Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea
Report on the assessment of genetic diversity, population structure of spotted seal based on mtDNA of in the Yellow Sea
Progress report on genetic diversity of both benthic and floating populations of Sargassum horneri in western Yellow Sea (2019)
Final report on seasonality and inter-annual variability of the floating Sargassum horneri in western Yellow Sea and the environmental drivers for the increasing blooms in recent years (2019)
Assessment of YSLME and policy recommendations
National Marine Environment Monitoring Center (NMEMC)
Final report of regional baseline survey of marine litter (2019)
Review report of policies and regulations regarding solid waste disposal as well as technologies for reducing production including recycling opportunities in PR China (2019)
Final report of nutrient loading in the hot spot (2019)
Final assessment reports of 1) nutrients from atmosphere-based source; 2) fertilizer use; and 3)sea-based mariculture pollution and ship-based pollution in coastal areas of Yellow Sea (2019)
Final proposals for designating or enlarging new MPAs for endangered mammals or for habitats of endangered waterbirds (2019)
Program of YSLME jellyfish monitoring network (2019)
Final program for strengthening the YSLME HAB and drifting macroalgae monitoring network (2019)
North China Sea Environmental Monitoring Center (NCSEMC)
Atlas of the integrated investigation on wetland of Jiaozhou bay (2020)
Suggestion and countermeasures for the protection of the ecosystem of Jiaozhou Bay (2020)
Establishment of the integrated ecosystem-based monitoring system

Yellow Sea Grant Program

Organization Title of Report
YSLME Overall Review of the Implementation of the Yellow Sea Grant Program
Beijing Chaoyang District Yongxu Global Environmental Institute (GEI) CCCA implementation report including operation report of the community fund and lessons learnt, community training summary and achievements (2019)

Annex 1. Community participated conservation (PPT-KR)

Annex 2. Sea birds intro & Conservation (PPT-KR)

China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) Three ASC standards brochures in Chinese (Abalone, Bivalve, Flatfish), Korean (Abalone, Bivalve, Sea Weed) and English (Abalone, Bivalve, Flatfish) (2019)

Annex 1. Chinese v 1.0 (Abalone, Bivalve)/ English v 1.0 (Abalone, Bivalve)

Annex 2. YS Study tour report

YSGP CAPPMA report on establishing responsible mariculture initiative and alliance (2019)

Annex 1. A voluntary enterprise alliance (2019)

Annex 2. video

Agreements with Jiayuan Group and Nanhuangcheng to purchase seafood from mariculture enterprises alliance members (2019)
Chinese Academy of Fishery Science (CAFS)

Management regulations of performance assessment on aquatic genetic resource reserves (2019)
Assessment report on enhanced ability for the demonstration NAGRR in BSYS (2019)
Annex 1. Training summary report
Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGSNRR) CONSERVATION ACTIONS OF ENDANGERED WATERBIRDS AND THEIR HABITATS IN THE YELLOW SEA ECOSYSTEM-1,1-2 (2019)
Conservation Actions of Endangered Waterbirds and Their Habitats in the Yellow Sea Ecosystem-2 (2019)

Annex 1. The Presentation of Inception Workshop (IGSNRR)

Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center (RENDU) Fishery and Aquaculture Marine Debris Survey report (2019)

Annex 1. OSEAN Training Report on Fishery and Aquaculture Marine Debris Survey in Yellow Sea Area

China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) Construction of the Yellow-Bohai Sea Spotted Seals Protected Area Network (2019)
Publication of spotted seal book “The Spotted Seals on the Broken Ice” for use in outreach and education purposes (2019)
Blue Ribbon Ocean Conservation Association (BROCA) YSGPP BROCA-Final report on waste reduction in fishery community in Weihai


Shandong Marine

Consolidated report on status and trends of marine litter, gaps in regulatory and policy measures and proposals for improvements in Weihai city
Present Situation and Countermeasures of Marine Litter Treatment in Weihai
Weihai Marine Litter Management Incentive Policies and Suggestions
Nanjing University Governance and Socio-economic Assessment of Fishing Vessel Buy-back Scheme and Fish Restocking, Mariculture and Climate Change Impact Adaptation Measures in Dalian, Weihai and Dandong of PR China



Chris Hedley Basic and related documents establishing the YSLME Commission
Ming YU

The Assessment Report on China’s Legal Framework in Compliance with the International and Regional Legal Instruments for the Implementation of SAP in the YSLME Project II (2018)
The Assessment Report of China’s National and Local Capacity for Implementation of International Legal Documents in the YSLME Project II (2018)
Improving SAP to synergize the implementation of international conventions on marine protection and sustainable uses of marine resources (2019)
Zhen WANG Proposal of regional pollution monitoring network in the Yellow Sea (2019)
Report on the status and trends of marine environments in the Yellow Sea (2019)
Training module for marine microplastics (CN, EN) (2019)
Guoxiang LIAO Review report on the regional strategy for using wetland as nutrient sink (2019)
Report of demonstration zone of integrated ecosystem-based investigation of wetland (2019)
Ruijun SUN Report on the legal review of PR China and RO Korea regarding marine pollution control and compliance assessment with international ocean-related environmental agreements (2019)
Annex to the report (2018)
Zhaohui ZHANG Draft framework plan for YSLME biodiversity conservation (2018-2030) in PR China (2019)
The consolidated YSLME Biodiversity Conservation Plan (2018-2030) (2019)
Technical-Proposal-to-Establish-Xiaoyangkou-of-Rudong-Jiangsu-Province-of-PR-China-as-a-National-Marine-Protected-Area (2017)
Rocio LOZANO-KNOWLTON YSLME MPA Network Concept Paper (2019)
Won Tae SHIN The consolidated YSLME Biodiversity Conservation Plan (2018-2030) (2018)
Yu LIU Coastal Reclamation and Impact to Critical Coastal Habitats of Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (2019)
Chaolun LI Evaluation methodologies, standards and guidelines for evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of ecosystem-based restoration projects (2019)
Elisabeth Carrio Proposal on YSLME Trust Fund
Lisa Benedetti YSLME Communication and Awareness Raising Strategy
Jihong Zhang Good Aquaculture Practice Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) of fish, bivalve and seaweed in coastal ecosystem



Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation (KOEM) and HydroCore Estimation of Land-Based Pollution Loads to the Yellow Sea from the Han River
Our Sea of East Asia Network (OSEAN) Status of Marine Litter Pollution and Management in the Republic of Korea
Implementation of the Fishing Vessel Buyback Program in the Yellow Sea of Korea and its Effectiveness analysis
Limited access by a fishing permit system in RO Korea