GSA Reports

Implementing Partner Output/ Deliverable
GSA_GEI Training plan on CCCA and community co-management in protection of seabirds and coastal wetlands for two communities in China and two communities in RO korea
The baseline report of socioeconomics, intertidal wetlands and co-management capacity assessment of the pilot site and the implementation plan of the community co-management
CCCA implementation report including operation report of the community fund and lessons learnt, community training summary and achievements
GSA_BROCA Report of progress of visit to Korea in exchange of experiences in waste reduction for learning and application in project site
reports of seminars on cooperative management of community fishery, impact of marine garbage
MOU with garbage recycling company
Final report on waste reduction and plastic waste management in Jingzi village focusing on art product from marine debris, waste reduction in weight through the purchase and operation of two sets of environmental protection facitilities, training and communication and use of app for dynamic monitoring of garbage reduction, and benefits of partnership with recylcling companies and cooperation with Korean partners
GSA_CAPPMA IMTA best practice model
Three ASC standards brochures (abalone, bivalves and flatfish), both in Chinese(abalone, bivalves and flatfish), Korean(abalone, bivalves and seaweed) and English(abalone, bivalves and flatfish)
Training report of two five-day study tours to Dandong, Weihai, Lianyuagang and Natong for managers from 20 major mariculture enterprises in China, 3 mariculture enterprises in ROK, 10 mariculture technical experts, 10 number of NGO leaders, 2-3 environmental journalists and 2-3 major seafood retailers-on ASC responsible aquaculture and integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) best practices
3-day training workshop report in Qingdao for managers from 20 major mariculture enterprises in China, 3 mariculture enterprises in ROK, 10  mariculture technical experts, 10 number of NGO leaders, 2-3 major seafood retailers- on ASC responsible aquaculture standards and integrated multi-trophic acquaculture (IMTA) best practices
A volutary enterprise alliance bylaw committing to environmentally and socially responsible mariculture in the Yellow Sea is established under CAPPMA with signature of at least 10 members.
sustainable seafood forum report
An agreement from 1 of 3 leading retailers to purchase seafood from mariculture enterprises alliance complying with ASC standards or carrying out IMTA best practices model (AIP-Jiayuan Group, AIP-Nanhuangcheng)
GSA_CAFS Draft management regulations of performance assessment on acuatic genetic resource reserves
revised management regulatoins of performance assessment on acquatic genetic resource reserves
revised indext system of management performance assessment on acquatic genetic resource reserves
training summary report of national acquatic genetic resource reserves performance assessment and index system
assessment report on enhanced ability for the demonstration NAGRR in BSYS
GSA_IGSNRR Fishermen training report
Waterbird habitat quality report on Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in YSLME and along waterbird flyway
mapping of flyways and sites of the 4 identified endangered species
10 reports about the conservatoin actions on influential media
Wechat public account of YSLME
NGO training report
Databases on waterbirds and their habitats in Hangu Coastal Wetlands
Smart phone-based APP client on waterbird recognition in Hangu Coastal Wetlands
Databases on waterbirds and their habitats in Hangu Coastal Wetlands
A report on the Win-win Solution of Sustainable Fisheries and Waterbird Conservation in Fish ponds
GSA_ShanghaiRendu OSEAN training report on fishery and aquaculture marine debris survey
Fishery and Aquaculture Marine Debris Survery report
GSA_ChinaBio-Div Report on the registration and operation of social media platforms for spotted seals protection in Wechat, Weibo, and Tiktok (Douyin)
Publication of 3,000 copies of spotted seal book “The Spotted Seals on the Broken Ice” for use in outreach and education purposes
Procurement of 5,000 spotted seal plush dolls for distribution at outreach and education activities
Report of 4 CCAfas on Spotted Seal Science activity, photos, news articles, etc.



Sub-Cont_ShandongMarine Methodology
Status and trends of marine litter in Weihai city (4 copies in Chinese and 4 copies in English)
Gaps in regulatory and policy measures in the management of marine litter and microplastics, in Chinese and English
Proposals for regulatory and financial policies to incentivise investment by private sector in monitoring, reduce, recycling and reuse of marine litter and microplastics
Sub-Cont_Nanjing Detailed research methodologies and workplan to conduct baseline assessment
Baseline report for governance and socio-economic assessment 
Assessment report of sample households one year after joining the fishing boat buy-back scheme and implementation of the demonstration sites