The Management, Science and Technical Panel (MSTP) provides managerial, scientific and technical guidance to Regional Working Groups (RWGs) and managerial, scientific and technical advice to the Interim Commission Council (ICC). The Project Management Office serves as the Secretariat of the MSTP.

Role of the MSTP
  • Reviews and co-ordinates regional activities for SAP implementation, proposed by each RWG.
  • Provides the RWGs with technical guidance and suggestions to improve activities where necessary.
  • Considers the recommendations of each RWG concerning proposed budget allocations for each activity.
  • Provides the Interim Commission Council with recommendations on proposed regional activities, work plans, and budgets.
  • Facilitates co-operation with relevant international, regional, and national organisations and projects to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of SAP implementation.
  • Monitors the progress of regional activities and ensure the quality of outputs.
  • Reports to the Council through the MSTP chairperson on the progress of activities and SAP implementation.
  • National Co-ordinators (NCs) from each participating country
  • Chairpersons from each Regional Working Group
  • Relevant social economic and governance experts
  • Leading regional experts selected by the Secretariat from the Management Advisory Roster
  • Representatives from private sector organisations actively engaged in SAP implementation
  • Representatives of NGOs actively engaged in SAP implementation
  • Project Manager
Meeting Documents


Please refer to Architecture of the Interim YSLME Commission for more details.