The goal of the Regional Working Group on Fish Stocks (RWG-F) is to improve the ecosystem carrying capacity of the Yellow Sea with respect to provisioning services by recovering and enhancing depleted fisheries stocks.

  1. To assess the progress of SAP Target 1 implementation and make recommendations on targets and actions in the updated SAP.
  2. To enhance the capacity of national and local governments in monitoring and assessment of fish stocks and effectiveness of licensing, closure and restocking management.
  1. Provide methodologies for joint stock assessment and protocols on data management.
  2. Produce a technical report on the status of stocks of selected species using agreed assessment methodologies and recommend  new targets and actions to improve management effectiveness of licensing, closure and restocking measures
  3. Produce training module on stock assessment and fish restocking.
  1. Facilitate discussion and agreement on sharing of collated data on catches in the Yellow Sea and analyse patterns of species over the same period of time.
  2. Develop methodologies for improved estimates on fish stock with aid of stock assessment. Construct models covering patterns of fish stocks using newly initiated methodology being used globally. Analyse relations of fishing efforts, closure, licensing and restocking effectiveness and ecosystem carrying capacity and make recommendations on targets and actions to update SAP.
  3. Assist to rebuild over-exploited marine living resources by improving quality of habitats and fisheries management in line with Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (EBFM).
  4. Identify the effect of climate change on fish populations in the YS. Find out distribution shifts of fishes using recently developed models and forecast impacts of climate change on the distribution of fishes in the YS.
  5. Prepare training modules on fish stock assessment and restocking


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