The YSLME has productive and varied coastal, offshore and transboundary commercial fisheries. It provides capture fishery resources > 2 million tonnes per year and mariculture resources >14 million tonnes per year. However, many once commercially viable species have become threatened by unsustainable exploitation.

Our Work to Recover Fish Stocks

The YSLME Phase II Project is now working to help recover and restore these fish populations in the following ways. A Fish Stocks Regional Working Group (RWG-F) has been established to assist in this process.

1. Reducing Fishing Effort

2. Marine Ranching and Fish Stock Enhancement

  • 98 marine ranches have been set up: 62 in PR China and 36 in RO Korea

Marine Ranch Design

3. Harmonizing Methodologies for Joint Stock Assessment

Tagging commercial species for stock enhancement (© Xuezhou Liu)


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Training provided on fish stock assessment methodologies in RO Korea, July 2018