The Interim Commission Council (ICC) is now fulfilling the obligations of the YSLME Commission on national and regional ocean governance until the Commission becomes officially active at the end of the project life cycle in December 2019. The ICC provides overall strategic policy and management direction and serves as the supreme decision-making authority of the YSLME Phase II Project.

Role of the ICC
  • Provide overall strategic policy and management direction in implementing the SAP
  • Reviews, amends and approves regional activities, work plans, and budgets
  • Co-ordinates the work of participating countries to ensure activities meet regional and national environmental concerns and priorities
  • Secures technical and financial resources necessary to implement activities.
  • Reviews the progress of the activities and provide guidance to the MSTP and the Secretariat for better management and co-ordination.
  • Facilitates necessary actions for policy reform to harmonise national legislation.
  • Promotes co-operation with relevant international, regional, and national organisations and projects.
  • Facilitates the participation of the private sector and NGOs in SAP implementation.
  • Disseminates the findings and results of SAP implementation to broad audiences, within and outside the region,
  • Finalises and arranges for national approval of all the Terms of Reference for the bodies deemed necessary for the Project including overall organizational structure of the bodies.
  • Finalises and arranges for national approval of the membership and Terms of Reference for the permanent Commission Council to be established during the execution of the UNDP/GEF SAP Implementation Project. 
  • Participating countries (with assistance from GEF National Implementing Agencies and Inter-Ministry Co-ordinating Committee (IMCC) chairpersons of each participating country)
  • Chairperson of the Management, Science and Technical Panel (MSTP)
  • Representative of UNDP/GEF
  • Representative of UNOPS
  • Representatives from private sector bodies actively engaged in SAP implementation
  • Representatives from accredited NGOs actively engaged in SAP implementation
  • Additional members including representatives from other relevant government agencies in the participating countries

2nd Interim Commission Council Meeting, March 2018

Please refer to Architecture of the Interim YSLME Commission for more details.