Training on MPA Network Connectivity

A Marine Protected Area (MPA) Connectivity training workshop was held in Korea 23-27 July 2018 to better guide MPA networking in the Yellow Sea.

The workshop aimed to better understand the concept of “Connectivity” in marine spatial planning or other zoning schemes by considering species migration, and current circulation, among others.

In the UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project, coastal and marine habitats in the Yellow Sea is focusing on 23 Potential Priority Areas identified during Phase I of the project, in particular endangered and threatened marine organisms, spawning, nursery and feeding grounds, Cold Water Mass, and endangered migratory waterbirds.

Through this workshop, the collaboration between existing MPAs were reviewed and improved, opportunities for potential MPAs were identified.

Program of the training workshop

For more information please contact: Dr. Sangjin LEE, Environmental Economist at

Photo: PR China’s National MPA site in Dalian for Spotted Seals, a species under focus of strengthening MPA connectivity between PR China, DPR Korea and RO Korea