LME:LEARN Organized Asian Regional LMEs Workshop in Bali to Improve Data and Information Management

On December 3-5, 2019, the Asian Regional Workshop on Data and Information Management (DIM) was held in Bali of Indonesia hosted by the Regional Capacity Centre for Clean Seas (RC3S) and organized by GEF LME:Learn Project and the PEMSEA.

Mr. Dida Migfar Ridha, Director of Coastal and Marine Pollution and Degradation Control of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) of Indonesia participated and welcomed the 20 attendants at the workshop.


The workshop seeks to achieve the objectives of improving the reporting in implementation of SAPs between LMEs in alignment with the SDGs through exchange of best practices and knowledge in data and information management.

The LME:Learn data and information management guidelines for GEF LME Projects was introduced at the workshop with focus on implementation of the action plan towards a more coordinated and sustainable management of project data and information. The action plan entails nine outputs in two specific targets: 1) ensuring availability of information and report in LME projects, and 2) strengthening project data management and making available information. All LMEs are encouraged among others to integrate the DIM guidelines into project implementation and workplan. The workshop also reviewed the proposed common LME indicators towards common reporting and comparability between LMEs. LME experiences, good practices and challenges in DIM were also shared by representatives of Indonesia Sea, Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, Arafura and Timor Sea, Yellow Sea, PEMSEA and UNEP Refugia Project.

Mr. Yinfeng Guo, CTA and Manager of the YSLME Phase II Project participated at the meeting. Integration of the DIM plan into the project closure plan will be a follow-up actions to be taken by YSLME, including uploading technical reports, videos and presentations at the various YSLME-supported workshops on website, prepare a bibliography of project-supported reports, etc.