Asking for Comments: Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem 2020

Transboundary diagnostic analysis (TDA) is a key step in strategic planning for science and ecosystem-based adaptive management of the large marine ecosystems (LMEs). TDA was for the first time conducted in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME) in 2007, and provided the basis for developing the YSLME strategic action programme (SAP) in 2009.


The update of the TDA/YSLME was supported by the UNDP/GEF YSLME Phase II Project and the Governments of PR China and RO Korea under the overall coordination of the Project Management Office with technical assistance of Professor Paul Gremillion from Northern Arizona University, USA. The process commenced in 2017 with review of the implementation of the National YSLME Strategic Action Programme (SAP) by National Working Groups (NWGs) of PR China and RO Korea, followed with a series of consultations in particular at four side events at the 3rd YSLME Science Conference held in July 2019 in Qingdao, PR China, and a dedicated workshop in Jeju, RO Korea in November 2019. Key players in the review include, in PR China, the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO) of the Ministry of Natural Resources, National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center (NMEMC) of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Yellow Sea Fisheries Research institute (YSFRI) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and China Ocean University (COU), and in RO Korea, the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology(KIOST), Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation (KOEM), Korea Maritime Institute (KMI) and National Institute of Fisheries Science (NIFS).


The current version titled transboundary diagnostic analysis for the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem 2020 was a result of consolidation of the review in PR China and the review in RO Korea on the implementation of national strategic action plan (NSAP) and the above-mentioned consultations. We sincerely invite comments to the draft and would appreciate if you can send to before March 27, 2020.